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Headshot of Stormy Anderson

Stormy Anderson

Director of Human Resources, Lenoir Woods

I learned of MTI when I started preparing for the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) exam. I had received e-mail messages from MTI showcasing courses they offer, and the SHRM Preparatory Course was on the list. Naturally, when it was time to prepare for the exam, I went with MTI because of their reputation, location and cost. I feel as if I owe them more than what I paid.

I made the decision to use MTI because it’s close to home, courses are offered at convenient and flexible times, they have an outstanding reputation and because I love to learn! Gay and Dewey are absolutely top notch! I loved both of the courses I took! Gay Albright has an incredible wealth and breadth of knowledge in leading the SHRM Preparatory Course and shares her real world examples, which I believe are absolutely priceless. Above and beyond that, she is also a gracious mentor to anyone in the HR profession. After taking Gay’s course, I was really eager to take additional courses although I honestly didn’t imagine they could be as excellent as what she presents. I was wrong. Dewey is also outstanding! I’ve not only learned a great deal from the content but have also gained a great deal of respect and trust in the instructors. They are truly top-notch, first class, the best of the best at what they do!