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Tina Ehrhardt

Tina Ehrhardt

Coordinator of GCS Programs, Stephens College

As someone who for 20 plus years has sat through extensive training, I can spend all day with the staff here and not be checking my watch. When our science and technical people were coming back from training with positive feedback, that they were engaged and interested and wanted to learn more, then I knew it was the right fit. When people ask me about training, I always refer them to MTI. I just go back to the quality and knowledge I’ve received. The one thing that really sticks out is that if there’s a side topic that comes up, any of their facilitators can get through that topic because of how knowledgeable they are. They listen, they’re very skilled and they pick up on the culture of your organization to make sure the training you get works for you. We’re so blessed to have an institute here than employers can tap into. Sometimes you want to keep it a hidden gem.