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Jan Vaughn

Jan Vaughn

Executive Director, Central Region Workforce Investment Board

I've been in our workforce system for 24 years, and I knew about MTI back when I started. I thought it was great. They provide super, outstanding training, so that's how I got to know them. It's a top-notch crew, and they're just wonderful. We've hired them on many occasions to do a variety of things for us, and I couldn't ask for better. All of the trainers are personable, professional and just genuinely interesting and good people. That really describes them.

We ask folks who do the training how they're going to use the information and put it into their lives. To be honest, we've just had so many outstanding comments on the training they've provided. What they have to say is probably more important than what I have to say, and because of them, we've brought MTI back year after year to work with us. It's training that will stand the test of time. I've supported them since the day I met them, I've never changed my mind, and I don't think I ever will.