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Michelle Zvanut

Michelle Zvanut

Vice President Human Resources, Boone Hospital Center

I was first introduced by a colleague at the hospital who had taken a couple of classes. She felt like the quality was exceptional and recommended I take some classes. I was impressed by both the quality of information and quality of instruction, and that’s extremely important to me in my field. It’s been an ongoing help for me: I use the resources that came with the course material on a regular basis and use the instructors as contacts when I have questions. They’ve been great partners. I would encourage friends and colleagues to take any course MTI provides, and I’d encourage them to speak with anyone on staff about personalizing their education. They’re able to understand the needs of the professionals in the community and help them determine what classes make most sense. They do a good job understanding what the culture of an organization is, what works well, and they do their research.