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Adult Education and Literacy

If you are an AEL professional, an ABE, ASE, AEL director, teacher or staff member we can help you meet your certification requirements and serve your professional development needs. We offer a variety of face-to-face workshops and online classes – take a look inside and see what’s available. 

PD Travel Approval Links: DESE PD Travel Instructions and PD Travel Request Form.  These links also can be found in the Important Links box to the right.

For more information, please contact:

Missouri Training Institute
Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business
304 Cornell Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-2600

Phone: 573-882-2860
Fax: 573-884-5141

Important Note Regarding PD Hours for AEL Personnel:  

Per Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) policy, in order to earn professional development (PD) hours, attendance is required for 100% of the time scheduled.  PD hours will not be granted if you do not sign in and out on the course roster nor if you arrive late/leave early.

Not Employed by a DESE-Funded AEL Program?  Be sure to read this message.

If you are not working for a DESE funded AEL Program, you will be required to pay for training upon registration. Choose the “Other” program name option on your registration and call 573-882-2860 to arrange payment. Credit card is preferred payment option. Here is the training pricing list:
4 hours: $125; 6 hours: $185; 8 hours: $240; 12 hours: $360

11-04-2016Adult College and Career Readiness - St. Louis
11-05-2016Adult College and Career Readiness - Sullivan
11-11-2016TABE CLAS-E Resources - St. Joseph
11-11-2016Differentiated Reading - Neosho
11-12-2016Adult College and Career Readiness - Kansas City
11-18-2016Pre-Certification Workshop - Columbia
11-19-2016Adult College and Career Readiness - Springfield
11-19-2016Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP) - Columbia
11-21-2016TABE CLAS-E
11-22-2016TABE CLAS-E
12-03-2016TABE CLAS-E Resources - Springfield
01-03-2017AEL - Time Management - St. Joseph
01-21-2017Math and Science for Everyday Life - Saint Louis
01-31-2017TABE CLAS-E
03-02-2017Pre-Certification Workshop - Columbia
03-03-2017Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP) - Columbia
04-07-2017Differentiated Instruction in a Multi-Level Classroom - One Size Does NOT Fit All - St. Louis
05-05-2017Pre-Certification Workshop - Columbia
05-06-2017Beginning Teacher Assistance Program (BTAP) - Columbia
06-20-2017TABE CLAS-E

For a full list of courses offered by MTI, please see our catalog.