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All Workshops

This is a list of all courses that are taught by Missouri Training Institute. Not all of these courses are currently offered. This is simply a catalog of courses offered. To see a list of currently offered courses, please visit our course calendar.

Course name
Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence
Building Effective Relationships
Business Writing
Business Writing Style
Certificate in Human Resource Management
Coaching Employees
Communicating Successfully
Customer Service
Dealing With Difficult People
Employee Development from A to Z
Engaging Employees
Essential Skills of Public Speaking
Generational Differences
Grammar Refresher!
Guiding Conflict Resolution
How to Interview and Select the Right Candidate
Increasing Accountability
Influencing Others
Innovation: Right Brain Thinking in a Left Brain World
Leading Change
Leading Teams/Teambuilding
Lessons in Leadership
Motivating Employees
Performance Management
Project Management
Skills for the First-Time Supervisor
Strengthening Trust
Stress Management
Supervisory Certificate Series
Supervisory Certificate Series Regional Offerings
T3 - Train the Trainer
Time Management
True Colors
Working with Millennials

Adult Education and Literacy courses

Course name
Adult College and Career Readiness Standards
AEL: Performance Management
AEL Leadership Series: Coaching and Motivating Employees
AEL Leadership Series: Communicating Successfully
AEL Leadership Series: Defining Your Leadership Role
AEL Leadership Series: Finding and Keeping the Cream of the Crop
AEL Leadership Series: Influencing Up
AEL Leadership Series: Leading Change
AEL Leadership Series: Teams and Conflict
AEL - Time Management
Beginning ACES Training
Beginning Teacher Assistance Program-BTAP
Career Awareness in the AEL Classroom
Challenges in the Adult English as a Second Language Classroom
Civics and Government in the AEL Classroom
Culture in the ESL Classroom
Customer Service
Data Management
Dealing with Difficult Students
Defining Your Leadership Role
DESE: Stress Management
Differentiated Instruction in a Multi-Level Classroom - One Size Does NOT Fit All
Differentiated Reading
Economics and Geography in the AEL Classroom
Engaging the Millenial Learner
ESL: Grammar, Pronunciation and Vocabulary
Evidence Based Writing-Developing Writers Who Succeed in Life
Integrating MO Connections Into The Classroom
Leading Your Crew
Making the CASAS Work for You
Math and Science for Everyday Life
MO Connections
Number Sense 1: Estimation, Patterns, and Proportional Reasoning
Number Sense 2: Fractions, Decimals, Percents, and Statistical Reasoning
Number Sense 3: Integers and Algebra
Number Sense 4: Geometry, Word Problems, and Critical Thinking Development
Pre-Certification Workshop
Role of Social Studies in the AEL Classroom-History
Student Achievement in Reading (StAR)
TABE CLAS-E Resources
Teaching Academic Content to English Language Learners
Teaching Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Strategies
The Science of Teaching Science
Transitions to Post-Secondary for English Language Learners
Two Days of Summer PD for Adult Education & Literacy Staff
U.S. Citizenship: The Basics
WEBINAR: AEL Number Sense 1 - Estimation, Patterns, and Proportional Reasoning
WEBINAR: AEL Number Sense 2 - Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
WEBINAR: AEL Passion-Driven Classroom Book Discussion Group
WEBINAR: AEL Social Studies