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Culture in the ESL Classroom

Adult education ESL teachers struggle with teaching US culture as well as integrating students’ native cultures into the classroom.  In this in-service, we will discuss cultural issues and their impact on the classroom, managing the multi-cultural classroom, and taking advantage of the rich cultural diversity that makes up our classrooms.  Participants will network with other teachers regarding culture in the classroom, and we’ll brainstorm a list of cultural No-nos (behaviors or gestures that one culture or another will find offensive.

What you will learn:

  •   Examine some definitions of culture and the relationship of culture and language;
  •   Discuss the issues associated with cultural adjustment, and our role as teachers with respect to that adjustment;
  •   Define emics and etics and identify each in common scenarios;
  •   Examine the effects of culture on learning styles and classroom expectations;
  •   Evaluate several instructional strategies for effectiveness in teaching culture.


  •  PD Hours: 4

Course Type

Adult Education and Literacy