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Differentiated Reading

Today’s classrooms are filled with diverse learners that differ not only culturally and linguistically but also in cognitive abilities, background knowledge, and learning preferences.  To meet this challenge, teachers are tapping into strategies using Differentiated Instruction (DI). In the words from fellow AEL instructor, Paula Knight, “In a differentiating classroom, the lessons need to be responsive to the needs of each learner, the teacher must take into account not only what they are teaching, but also whom they are teaching. They need to know the varying readiness levels, interests, and learning profiles of each student and then design options to tap into.”

Using DI, teachers are able to improve the learning outcomes of their students.  They are able to direct their instructional strategies toward a specific learner’s interests, motivations, and learning profiles to increase purpose, engagement, and improved outcomes. This workshop will help you gain a better understanding of Differentiated Instruction, learn ways to apply strategies to your reading lessons and provide you with activities to implement in your classroom.

*Note: Attendance at the Differentiated Instruction workshop is recommended prior to the D.I. Reading workshop if the participant is not familiar with Differentiated Instruction.

PD Hours: 6

Course Type

Adult Education and Literacy