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AEL - Part II - Advanced Mathematics in the CCR Standards

As adult educators we know that the level of mathematics our students are expected to know, and that we are expected to teach, has risen dramatically with the new College and Career Readiness Standards.  However, many teachers don’t have a strong math background and many more haven’t done this level of mathematics themselves since high school and college.  If you want an introduction to the advanced mathematics in the College and Career Readiness Standards, or just need a refresher course on some of these topics, our two 6-hour workshops are for you.  

In the second workshop, we start with an exploration of the relationship between algebra and geometry. We investigate exponents and roots, including negative and fractional exponents, as well as, examine polynomials and operations with polynomials. Up next is an exploration of quadratic equations, including how to solve them by factoring and understanding them as graphs in the coordinate plane. Finally, we return to the concept of functions, extending our discussion from the first workshop by looking at quadratic functions and inverse functions.

As we cover these topics, we will examine sample questions from the various HiSET practice math tests, thinking about how our students are expected to demonstrate a mastery of these concepts on the HSE exam. Since the topics covered in this second workshop build on concepts covered in the first workshop, it is strongly recommended that teachers take both workshops and do them in sequence. The aim of the two workshops is to help participants develop the skills, confidence and knowledge required to teach the higher-level mathematics their students need to achieve their goals.

PD Hours:  6

Course Type

Adult Education and Literacy