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AEL: Performance Management

Are you responsible for the performance of others? Do you struggle with those difficult performance conversations with your employees? This session helps professionals with both the formal and informal processes of performance management. Find out what it takes to conduct successful, objective, and meaningful performance appraisals. Learn what you can do to facilitate improved performance of employees and shape their behavior through your day to day coaching conversations. This session will help participants identify root causes of performance gaps and strategies to effectively communicate and overcome them. By applying these skills, you will be able to encourage your employees to take responsibility for their own performance gaps, commit to improvement, execute an improvement plan, and track their progress.

What you will learn:

  • Discuss your role as a catalyst and coach to spark others to improve.
  • Distinguish the differences between the formal and informal processes of performance management.
  • Identify strategies to ensure your performance appraisal processes are objective and meaningful to employees.
  • Examine your coaching role to ensure day-to-day results are achieved.
  • Prepare for effective improvement discussions using specific guidelines and communication principles.
  • Develop strategies to overcome difficult performance management challenges such as employee denial, resistance, and reluctance to take accountability for improvement.

 PD Hours: 4

Course Type

Adult Education and Literacy