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WEBINAR: AEL Social Studies

Searching for ways to re-energize your Social Studies classroom?  If so, join us for this webinar. Participants will have the opportunity to share Social Studies lessons, resources, and ideas with colleagues throughout the state as well as discuss ways to integrate content and critical thinking skills.  The opportunity to network with your peers will provide the motivation and inspiration you are looking for!

  1. Social Studies Webinar Lesson Report completed and emailed AT LEAST one week prior to the webinar to: Missouri Training Institute.
  2. Attendance at ONE OR MORE of the following MTI workshops:
  • The Role of Social Studies in the AEL Classroom – History
  • Civics and Government in the AEL Classroom
  • Economics and Geography in the AEL Classroom

NOTE:  Registrants may enroll in the same number of webinars corresponding to the number of above workshops attended (e.g., attended two of the three workshops listed, may enroll in two webinar sessions).  Submission of a new Social Studies Webinar Lesson Report is recommended for each webinar enrollment.

Technical Requirements:

Check here to see if your browser/equipment meets minimum requirements to participate in the webinar.

PD Hours: 2

Course Type

Adult Education and Literacy