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Leading Your Crew

Come prepared to learn in a fun and comfortable yet highly interactive way that will sharpen your skills as a team leader. Using experiential learning exercises as a metaphor for what it takes to lead a high-performing team, this professional development workshop will help you explore the interpersonal and organizational advantages of working together.

What you will learn

  • Discuss the key differences between groups and teams
  • Review 10 key leadership behaviors to model for your employees
  • Carefully examine five stages of team development
  • Identify roles leaders play to move teams to higher and higher levels of performance
  • Examine the adverse affects of low trust in team relationships and what leaders can do to cultivate it
  • Explore coaching strategies for improved team performance
  • Identify and discuss the use of graphical problem-solving tools and techniques to improve how a team communicates, prioritizes and analyzes issues; reaches consensus; and plans for future improvements
  • Participate in experiential teambuilding exercises to improve team relationships

AEL Teachers attend with no charge. Pick the "Invoice" option when registering.
All Others pick "Credit Card" or "Check" option as there is $20 charge.

Lunch is provided. 

PD Hours: 6


Course Type

Adult Education and Literacy