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T3 - Train the Trainer

T 3 - Train the Trainer:  Are you responsible for training in your organization? Do you struggle to make training effective? This continuing education program will help you design effective curriculum and refine your presentation skills so that adults find it easy to learn. Learn how to exponentially improve your training design and delivery skills to improve your organization’s bottom line.

Exponentially Improve Your Training Design and Delivery

Instructional Design
Day 1 and 2

Using a systematic approach to your curriculum design ensures strong linkages between your organization’s goals, instructional strategies, and your desired learning outcomes. Learn to analyze an instructional goal, your target audience, and course content; write learning objectives; design application and enrichment activities; create learning materials; and design evaluation systems to determine the effectiveness of your efforts.

Build Your Platform Skills
Day 3

Explore the art of delivering a dynamic training program. Learn the skills necessary to engage and lead an audience through your curriculum with energy and finesse.

Student Presentations and Feedback
Day 4

Building on the skills learned from first three days, the final day involves practice and feedback. Participants will be engaged in an interactive training simulation that will be digitally recorded, receive feedback, and identify strategies for improvement.

 Cost: $975.

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Open to all participants

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